Representing the vaping industry

The CVA is recognized as a subject-matter expert and a stakeholder by all three levels of government.

Advocating for harm reduction

The CVA has been advocating for vaping as a harm reduction tool since its inception and works to build awareness of the benefits of vaping compared to smoking.


The CVA has come up with industry-wide standards to help protect consumers and prevent minors from purchasing e-cigarettes.

Working With Government

Since it's inception, The CVA has been working closely with governments throughout Canada to implement fair and balanced regulations.

Advocating For
Harm Reduction

The CVA has been advocating for vaping as a harm-reduction tool, to help Canadians stop smoking.

Self-Regulating Since 2014

The CVA has been coming up with industry-wide standards and regulations that have been looked to as a model by numerous governments.

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Canadian Vaping Association comments on U.S. Food and Drug Administration crackdown on the marketing and sale of e-cigarettes to minors

The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) and its members are committed to ensuring that youth do not have access to electronic cigarettes and related products. We are doing this by conforming to national standards that the CVA is working with Health Canada to establish. More importantly, we realize that e-cigarette retailers have to be vigilant. Thus,…
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Ford government halts regulations governing Bill 174

Leading up to the June 7 provincial election in Ontario, The CVA led a campaign to inform the political parties about the dangers of the previous government’s new regulations, which would have banned sampling and in-store vaping in adult-only speciality vape shops. It seems as though the new Progressive Conservative government was listening: shortly before…
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The CVA’s Shaun Casey on the past, present and future of vaping regulation

The federal government recently passed Bill S-5, which formally legalizes vaping in Canada. How did we get to this point and where to we go from here? And what does it all mean for Canadian vapers and the vapour-products industry. CVA President Shaun Casey discusses these issues on a new episode of Regulator Watch:
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Ontario’s ban on in-store sampling will drive people to smoke cigarettes

Vape shop owners in Windsor, Ont., fear that the provincial ban on vaping within specialty vape shops will deter people from quitting smoking, but some people argue that such a ban is necessary. The CVA’s chief medical expert, Dr. Akbar Khan, debunks these claims in the pages of the Windsor Star. From the article: [Robert…
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Dr. Akbar Khan discusses Ontario’s ban on in-store sampling in the CBC

Amidst all the commotion in the immediate aftermath of the horrific car-ramming attack in Toronto on April 23, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government quietly posted regulations that will have a profound effect on how easy it is for adult smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes. When the new regulations come into effect on July 1,…
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Ontario government make it harder for people to reduce the harms caused by smoking, ignores scientific evidence: e-cigarette industry

TORONTO, May 2, 2018 /CNW/ – The Ontario government’s new regulations dealing with electronic cigarettes will reduce access to a potentially life-saving technology for people who are trying to quit smoking, which will have a devastating effect on public health and the economy, according to officials with the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA), Canada’s preeminent e-cigarette…
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