What we do

The Canadian Vaping Association is a registered national not-for-profit organization, established as the voice of Canada's burgeoning vaping industry.

Founded in 2014, The CVA represents vaping retailers and manufacturers throughout Canada.

The CVA is the primary liaison between the vaping industry and the provincial and federal governments on all legislative and regulatory issues related to the industry. The CVA's primary goal is to ensure that government regulation is reasonable and practical, by proactively engaging with legislators, regulators, health officers and the media.

Our vision

Our vision is to work with all levels of government, stakeholders and consumer groups to fulfill our commitment to develop and maintain a sustainable and accountable vaping industry, centered around harm reduction and consumer safety.

Our mission

Consistency — Whether applied to messaging, conduct, communications or scheduled activities, The CVA is committed to remaining a consistent and engaged advocate for public policy and consumer safety.

Knowledge and Experience — The CVA is committed to sharing its decades worth of institutional knowledge about the vaping industry and the arguments supporting vaping. Considering the outcomes of harm reduction is the primary motivation of our association.

Collectivity — While the individual businesses of each respective owners must be the preeminent consideration, the strength of The CVA is derived from being united, collaborative and forward thinking.

Public Policy Centered — Credibility is achieved by demonstrating that The CVA is a contributing member of the harm reduction system and not a collection of business owners protecting their own assets. We strive to be a “go to” source of information for both government and stakeholders.

Who we are


Shaun Casey

Shaun Casey has 30 years experience in the chemical manufacturing and retail industries, and is the president of Flavour Art North America Inc., the largest global manufacturer of flavouring to the e-liquid industry. His firm is the leader in research on vapour toxicology, through Clearstream Onward. Flavour Art is the only manufacturer of flavours that support advocacy in Canada and belongs to both The CVA and ECTA. Shaun supports advocacy globally and sits on multiple advisory boards in the U.S. He is committed to ensuring that vaping is fairly regulated in Canada.

Darryl Tempest

Executive Director
Darryl Tempest brings over 20 years of experience in public policy development, business development and political involvement, as a leading expert for health and patient advocacy in Ontario. Darryl is a founder of the Ontario Physiotherapy Clinics Alliance and acts as the executive director of several associations and organizations. Darryl has applied his health care, public policy and organizational experience to support the mission, vision and values of The CVA and the vaping industry.

Boris Giller

Communications Committee Chair
Boris Giller is the co-founder of 180 Smoke Vape Store, an e-cigarette retailer with numerous locations in Ontario and Saskatchewan. He has appeared before municipal, provincial and federal committees to advocate for responsible vaping regulations and has appeared in the media on numerous occasions. Boris is an ex-smoker who got into vaping after losing his father to smoking.

Beatrice Hurley

Membership Committee Chair
Beatrice Hurley has worked in the vaping industry since 2013 as an IT consultant working in website deployment, e-commerce development, social media campaigns and distribution. She holds degrees in both computer science and math. Prior to working in the vaping industry, Beatrice did IT work for the U.S. government and other large enterprise clients. As a long time vaping advocate, Beatrice has a unique knowledge dealing with the financial service providers to the vaping industry as well the businesses within them.

Samuel Tam

UL Committee
Samuel Tam is the executive director of sales at Pacific Smoke International, a global distribution company known predominately for marketing Canadian brands, such as 12 Monkeys Vapor and Illusions, with international partners and vendors in over 30 countries. Samuel has a passion for helping stores develop effective sales and growth strategies, and continues to maintain strong relationships with numerous retailers.

Ross Morrell

Ross Morrell has been an active member of The CVA since its inception and has been honoured to serve as both its Treasurer and Chair of the Membership Committee. He is very passionate about vaping and is a part owner of the One-Stop Vape Shop chain of stores in Alberta and B.C. He has a strong background in both sales and management and firmly believes that this organization can do amazing things for the future of vaping.
Jesse Kline

Jesse Kline

Communications Coordinator
Jesse Kline is the Canadian Vaping Association's Communications Coordinator and a former comment editor and columnist at the National Post newspaper. He holds a Master of Journalism degree from the University of British Columbia and a degree in Policy Studies from Mount Royal University. Jesse quit smoking using e-cigarettes in 2010 and has been writing about vaping and public policy since 2012. He has been published in numerous publications, including the National Post, Reason magazine, the Western Standard and the Canadian Jewish News.