Vaping in the Media

Ford government halts regulations governing Bill 174

Leading up to the June 7 provincial election in Ontario, The CVA led a campaign to inform the political parties about the dangers of the previous government’s new regulations, which would have banned sampling and in-store vaping in adult-only speciality vape shops. It seems as though the new Progressive Conservative government was listening: shortly before…

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Dr. Akbar Khan discusses Ontario’s ban on in-store sampling in the CBC

Amidst all the commotion in the immediate aftermath of the horrific car-ramming attack in Toronto on April 23, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government quietly posted regulations that will have a profound effect on how easy it is for adult smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes. When the new regulations come into effect on July 1,…

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Jesse Kline debunks the ‘gateway’ theory in the Financial Post

Governments throughout the country have been imposing onerous restrictions on vapers and e-cigarette retailers. One reason often cited by public health officials is the idea that vaping is a gateway to smoking. The CVA’s Jesse Kline debunks this myth in the Financial Post: Electronic-cigarette users and retailers are up in arms over legislation recently passed…

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