Ford government halts regulations governing Bill 174

Ontario Premier Doug Ford (Doug Ford/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Leading up to the June 7 provincial election in Ontario, The CVA led a campaign to inform the political parties about the dangers of the previous government’s new regulations, which would have banned sampling and in-store vaping in adult-only speciality vape shops. It seems as though the new Progressive Conservative government was listening: shortly before the regulations were set to go into effect, the government announced that it would delay the implementation on the regulations until it had time to further study the issue. CVA President Shaun Casey discusses the issue in the Toronto Star:

The Canadian Vaping Association’s president Shaun Casey said “the provincial regulations need to align with Health Canada’s stance on vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking to ensure the industry is clear on the legal expectations from both levels of government.”

“We are working towards a framework of regulations that keep vapour products accessible to adult smokers looking to support harm-reduction through specialty shops where they can safely sample products and receive training on their devices from experts in an adult-only environment.”

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