Ontario’s ban on in-store sampling will drive people to smoke cigarettes

Vape shop owners in Windsor, Ont., fear that the provincial ban on vaping within specialty vape shops will deter people from quitting smoking, but some people argue that such a ban is necessary. The CVA’s chief medical expert, Dr. Akbar Khan, debunks these claims in the pages of the Windsor Star. From the article:

[Robert Schwartz’s organization, the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit,] recently visited 23 vape shops in five cities and said merchants were selling both to smokers looking to ditch cigarettes as well as curious neophytes wondering what all the fuss was about. He fully supports the restriction on vaping in shops and said stores selling other products don’t let you sample their wares before purchase.

He said he understood the pitch being made by vaping advocates but that the dangers of second-hand exposure to workers and customers were very real, noting inspectors in some jurisdictions are refusing to enter stores because of the fumes.

Khan countered there was “no scientific rationale” to conclude second-hand vape fumes were dangerous and that the level of nicotine exposure was “insignificant.” He called vaping the “most significant cancer prevention strategy available today.”

Khan added the experiences Haney and Labelle had in giving up smoking for vaping were quite common, pointing out vaping delivered nicotine to the brain quickly like smoking cigarettes and mimicked the physical sensation of holding something in your hand and inhaling.

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