Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia was the first province to regulate vaping in Canada. Its amended Smoke-free Places Act and Tobacco Access Act came into force on May 31, 2015. Key points of the legislation include:

  • Vapour products cannot be sold to, or possessed by, minors;
  • Stores must post age-restriction signs and cannot display vapour products unless access to the premises is restricted to people over 19 years of age;
  • Drug stores are not allowed to sell e-cigarettes;
  • Vaping is prohibited anywhere smoking is banned, including in cars with people under the age of 19, on restaurant and bar patios, in workplaces, on school property and within four metres of doorways and air-intake vents;
  • Promotions and advertising outside of stores is banned;
  • Point-of-sale displays are not allowed, except in the case of specialty vape shops.