Prince Edward Island

Vaping regulations in Prince Edward Island fall under the Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Device Sales and Access Act and the Smoke-Free Places Act. Key provisions of the legislation include:

  • A ban on selling or supplying e-cigarettes to minors;
  • A ban on selling vapour products in places where tobacco sales are banned;
  • Vaping is prohibited in indoor public spaces, workplaces (with the exception of designated smoking rooms in long-term care facilities), construction sites, cars with children under the age of 19, within 4.5 metres of doors and air-intake vents and on restaurant and bar patios, except between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.;
  • Point-of-sale displays, promotions that are visible from the street and outdoor signs (except to show availability and price) are not allowed;
  • Restrictions are placed on advertising, especially those that include misleading information about health.