The Quebec government’s Tobacco Control Act came into effect on Nov. 26, 2015. The province currently has the most restrictive regulatory regime in the country and does not allow the sale or promotion of electronic cigarette products over the Internet. The CVA is currently involved in legal efforts to challenge some aspects of the legislation in court. Under the current regulations:

  • Electronic cigarettes cannot be sold to minors and everyone who purchases vaping devices must be carded, regardless of their age;
  • E-cigarettes cannot be sold where tobacco products are sold;
  • Vaping is banned anywhere smoking is not allowed, including in cars with children under 16, on restaurant and bar patios, on public sports fields and less than nine metres from a doorway;
  • Vapour devices cannot be displayed, except in specialty vape shops and so long as they’re not visible from outside the store;
  • Outdoor signage is heavily restricted, vape shops are only allowed to show availability and prices, not promote products in store windows;
  • Vape shops and e-cigarette manufacturers are subject to the same restrictions on advertising as tobacco companies;
  • Giving away free vapour products is prohibited;
  • Specialty vape shops must register with the Quebec government.